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With a market volume of 280 billion euros, the German healthcare market is the largest in Europe and its current structure and anticipated changes make it a perfect model for Europe and overseas.


Demographic change has led to an ageing population, increasing healthcare costs and a growing demand for suitable healthcare services in the medium term.

At the same time, more and more older people are arriving in inpatient healthcare facilities later and iller, which reduces the average bed time but increases the strain on the nursing staff.


Because of their age and their structure (single rooms), parts of the capacities available no longer meet the demands of the customers and therefore cannot be filled economically.


The resources made available by government and private funding are only enough for basic care; extensive care services and performance-related pay for professional nursing staff are no longer adequately covered.


A lack of specialist resources, inadequate economic results in conjunction with poor management measures and leadership tools have resulted in operative and structural challenges in the German healthcare market.


The concentration on private operators which is well advanced in the acute sector has now started with a slight delay in the inpatient elderly care sector. In both areas, continuation and acceleration can be anticipated over the next few years.

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