Our approach to best-practice consultancy

How we get your company fit:


Based on our extensive industry expertise, we have developed 10 best practice modules which can be implemented to highlight significant potential on the service provision and cost side.


The modules are differentiated

  • partially on the basis of location-specific key success factors relating to the operating system for the property and the personnel used on site which determine the service quality and thus the overall perception within the competition and
  • partially on the basis of additional success factors where the level of potential is also dependent on the number of sites.


In methodical terms, for each of the best-practice components, a comparison is carried out between the status quo and the achievable potential.


The next step is to evaluate the potential taking cost and benefit aspects and the necessary realisation schedules into consideration, followed by designing measures and supporting their implementation.


If our customers are successful, we are too and this is the basis for how we structure our consultancy fee.

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