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The controlling of the planning and management of company processes is a major role of the management to ensure sustainable and future-oriented company leadership. Complexity increases in proportion to the complexity of the company, but also on the basis of the demands set by the legislator, authorities and customers.


Transparency in terms of service provision and documentation of processes (legal protection) are becoming more and more important. The use of suitable performance indicators and controlling instruments is the only way to meet these requirements in full.


Important areas of the company which need sustainable, prospective controlling include:

  • finance and profitability
  • risks (financial, legal and process-related)
  • personnel (quality and costs)
  • care packages (fees and conversion rates)
  • marketing (costs/benefit)sales (occupancy, occupancy structure and costs)
  • quality of results (quality and risks)
  • recruitment (benchmarks and costs)
  • property (rent, finance costs, maintenance)

Overview of our services:

We establish controlling instruments and performance indicator systems (e.g. balanced scorecard, controlling cockpits) to ensure the safe running of the company taking sustainability, efficiency and risk into account.


We analyse existing process chains and design modern, robust process support systems by means of suitable best-practice IT solutions which take cost-to-benefit aspects into consideration.


We analyse existing IT-based process chains and eliminate media format changes.


We take on project management for the introduction of new IT systems and applications (e.g. SAP®).


We provide support on the selection and invitation to tender for suitable application programs and specify the necessary requirements.

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