Corporate financing

Because their profitability is low, many companies in the German healthcare sector have too little equity capital to make the necessary investments into the existing operations, not to mention any plans to expand.


In parallel, the financing options selected in the past do not allow expansion of external finance and are therefore more expensive than the current financing alternatives.


As the circle of German financial institutions active in the healthcare sector is currently dwindling, there is a need for innovative, alternative finance models (nationally and internationally) in order to cover the current demand for capital.


In the following areas in particular, there is optimisation potential where we can support in terms of implementation:


Corporate financing

  • Optimisation of working capital (ongoing receivables and liabilities from operative activities) by means of contract refinement
  • Optimisation of loan contracts
  • Preparation for rating / KonTraG
  • Development and production of finance documents and strategies
  • Production of medium and long-term financial plans
  • Preparation of the required data for directors and banks


Properties finance

  • Optimisation of individual property finance arrangements (instalments, guarantees, interest)
  • Reorganisation of long-term lease contracts (e.g. index clauses, security, run times)
  • Checking alternative refinancing measures (inc. sale, sale and lease-back, asset-backed securities)


Restructuring finance

  • Checking restructuring projects for individual sites / company sectors
  • Producing financing strategies for restructuring / redevelopment measures
  • Restructuring of the whole liability side (equity capital / loan capital)
  • Preparation of sales documents (investment memorandum)
  • Takeover of project management for sales processes (due diligence)
  • Support in the search for suitable financiers


Expansion finance

  • Checking investment projects for individual sites / company sectors
  • Development of finance models for expansion measures
  • Investor search
  • Checking possible cooperations / mergers
  • Takeover of project management for expansion processes (due diligence)
  • Support on contract negotiation with financiers based on phase model
  • Support in the search for suitable financiers

Overview of our services:

We offer comprehensive financial consultancy in all the above areas.

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