Corporate organisation

A controlled, consistent structure and workflow organisation is the cornerstone for any company and a key criterion for success in a competitive environment.


In branch organisations in particular, it can minimise the risks of inconsistent workflows and optimise process costs.


Because of rapid organic (new buildings) and inorganic (company takeovers) expansion in the past, many companies still have potential for optimisation by making structural and workflow organisation more consistent.


The aim of a controlled structure and workflow organisation is:

  • to create a solid and scalable foundation (process-oriented workflow organisation) as a prerequisite for future growth
  • to reduce frictional losses and define clear responsibility hierarchies
  • to avoid and control the handling of risk by creating a risk management system
  • to increase the efficiency of administration processes / reduce administration costs
  • to relieve decentralised units of administrative tasks (e.g. debtor and creditor management)
  • to exculpate management by means of defined, legally sound processes
  • to wave organisational culpability by the employees between different hierarchy levels
  • to close legal and company law loopholes.

Overview of our services:

We design and implement solid and legally sound company structures with controlled structure and workflow organisations and reorganise companies based on established best-practice models.


We optimise management and administration processes, reduce frictional losses and thus minimise administration costs.

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