Personnel are the foundation and the most important capital of a company. An analysis of the skills of the employees and continuous professional development based on this are crucial to properly countering the constantly increasing demands for knowledge (medical/nursing, legal, etc.).


As an instrument of personnel development, e-learning is a modern module in the personnel development activities of a company as a whole. The interlinking between this module and the existing structures need to be optimised in order to tap into all the potential of e-learning (blended learning).


E-learning accelerates introduction phases, preserves the skills of the employees and guarantees good, consistent quality of service provision.


It is also the most cost-effective form of knowledge transfer, as absence from the workplace can be minimised and travel costs avoided.


The use of e-learning-based personnel development systems / blended learning strategies also has the following benefits:

  • reduced training costs
  • reduced opportunity costs and learning times
  • minimised fault costs
  • reduced employee fluctuation / increased satisfaction
  • individual correction of knowledge deficits (learning on demand)
  • guaranteeing employee qualification levels
  • benchmarking of learning levels
  • controlled employee development (career paths)
  • permanent, demand-oriented training

Overview of our services:

We provide a web-based platform with a high-performance learning management system for knowledge transfer for professional nursing staff.


We provide a wide range of standardised training sessions based on up-to-the-minute knowledge (e-learning content) via the web platform.


We produce individual e-learning units to meet customer specifications.


We restructure personnel development strategies and align them specifically towards e-learning and employee requirements.


We support the professional implementation of e-learning within the company.

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