Fees / Care packages

The negotiation of care package components (care fees, accommodation and care, investment costs) is carried out on the basis of consistent nationwide guidelines and Federal State-specific arrangements.


The negotiation partners for the operators are healthcare insurance companies and national social support services.


Continuous negotiation takes place on the basis of contract terms and requires sound knowledge of the following to enable successful conclusions:

  • the current legal position both in the Federal State and nationwide,
  • the operating situation of the individual facility,
  • the market and competition data for comparative facilities in the region/federal state,
  • the negotiating strategy of the cost unit.

These extensive and highly complex requirements for the negotiators require a comprehensive database, a system for preparing the data in a way which is differentiated specific to the individual Federal States (fee controlling system) and consistent guidelines on preparation, execution and debriefing for the care package negotiations.

Overview of our services

We highlight optimisation potential for care packages based on a Federal State-specific benchmarking technique and provide support on the development of optimum negotiation strategies for each site.


We design and implement controlling instruments to generate the indicators relevant to the care package (fee controlling system).


We draw up guidelines for carrying out care package negotiations and coach the employees doing the negotiation.


We analyse expansion strategies given the foreseeable development of achievable care packages in the individual Federal States.

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