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Marketing and sales are increasingly important for sustainably high levels of occupancy and therefore to secure revenue, as there is excess capacity in the current market and the average number of nights spent in inpatient care is decreasing.


This requires close interlinking of various services (inpatient, supported living, acute / inpatient care). Marketing and sales need to be adequately tailored to the different sales channels (including hospitals, in-home, multipliers).


Innovative and integrated design of the marketing ans sales processes involves not only traditional regional and set-up sales, but also the following components.



  • branding (identity, positioning, strategy, design, hierarchy)
  • brand communication (internal, industry, shows, corporate publishing, public relations web design, social media)
  • customer relationship management (system-based)
  • event management / advertising management
  • employer marketing



  • indicator-based sales management
  • strategic sales (measure planning, sales controlling)
  • operative sales (sales standards, promotion planning)
  • crisis management

Overview of our services:

We support the expansion of the existing product and service portfolio, from outpatient services through supported living to long-term inpatient care, we can also advise on the marketing of specialisations to ensure differentiation in the competitive environment.


We implement performance indicator-based occupancy management and design indicator systems for occupancy control


We optimise existing marketing and sales structures and design the based on innovative best-practice approaches.


We support the introduction of high-performance IT-based CRM systems and the setup of central service structures (call centres).

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