Good personnel is the know-how of the company to allow achievement and long-term securing of excellent quality of results for the services provided, which, alongside the property, represent the key unique selling proposition within the competition.


Based on a lack of social and financial recognition and an absence of development opportunities for the care personnel, who are under huge physical and mental strain, there is has been a sustained negative development in the employment market in the last few years, meaning that:

  • employee satisfaction with conditions in the workplace is constantly falling (increased illness levels, increased fluctuation resulting in increasing acquisition costs for new staff),
  • personnel has become a bottleneck factor in all areas (lack of specialist and management staff and increasing costs for external staff),
  • new requirements from the legislator, authorities and customers are demanding continuously increasing levels of skill from the employees which are not yet covered by either education or previous professional experience and thus put extra strain on the employees, sometimes excessive strain because of a lack of efficient qualification systems (e.g. e-learning).


Under these framework conditions, companies can only be successful in the competition if they can draw up an overall strategic concept for:

  • employee recruitment
  • employee retention
  • training
  • development
  • pay and
  • pensions

Overview of our services:

We develop attractive and transparent remuneration systems which incorporate monetary and non-monetary components and differentiate from the competition.


We design internal employee satisfaction surveys and develop measures to improve satisfaction.


We develop an effective employer brand by establishing principles and guidelines which are binding for all employees and building up a public image as an employer (careers website, employee communication)


We develop training strategies for young employees with specific media strategies to interest them in a career in nursing.


We design modern target group-specific personnel development programs based on blended learning systems.


We can support on recruitment, training and integration of nursing personnel from EU countries.


We provide qualification and support when it comes to the appraisal and selection of management personnel to allow best-practice strategies to be implemented on a long-term basis.


We can support when it comes to building up consistent management cultures, particularly relating to change management processes.

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