Property operating concept

To ensure the long-term secure occupancy of the social properties currently in use and the properties currently used for residential purposes, innovative residential and social economic market trends need to be implemented to form an ideal property structure - where it makes economic sense.


These targets must be reconciled against the current condition of the property and its development prospects.


This involves considering the following:

  • the existing property structure (size of property, spatial distribution, technical equipment, etc.)
  • structural and legal framework conditions,
  • particular healthcare requirements (e.g. freedom from barriers),
  • the development of optimum structural target planning for existing buildings, taking operational structures and the geographical situation into consideration and
  • the development of space and function programmes and the preparation of structural measures (space development planning and cost calculations)

Overview of our services:

We draw up detailed site profiles of the facility by means of market analyses on the supply and demand side (specialisations, price, property standards such as age, room and area structures) in order to determine the current positioning within the competition.


We work out proposals for optimisation - in your interests and primarily in the interests of your patients / inpatients and develop optimum positioning strategies for your institution in the market, taking economic viability and finance options for potential investments into the property into consideration.


We develop a strategy to establish a long-term preventative maintenance planning and implementation in order to achieve appropriate property quality by means of targeted investments which can be refinanced within the care packages.

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