Purchasing and Procurement

The cost-optimised procurement of goods and services in branch organisations requires a consolidation of suppliers, centralisation of purchasing and procurement processes and bundling of orders.


Checks also need to be carried out whether the necessary services (e.g. care, IT, fleet management) required to provide the key expertise (e.g. medical / care processes) are to be carried out internally or by third parties.


Individual purchasing strategies must be defined for the following major cost blocks to consider the aspects of quality and price, guarantee,

liability and payment terms:

  • energy and water supply
  • foods
  • personal services
  • technical purchasing (including building and FM)
  • telephone, IT, mobile phones, paging
  • insurance policies
  • laundry / uniform
  • waste disposal
  • fleet management
  • laboratories
  • sterilisation
  • pharmacies

Overview of our services:

We implement central purchasing and procurement organisation based on best-practice strategies.


We analyse purchasing and procurement potential and support the execution process (supplier consolidation, design of invitations to tender).


We design and implement central ordering platforms with ordering consolidation and subsequent booking and integration into the accounts system (e.g. automated digitalisation and archiving of input bills).

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