Quality management

Quality is required across all areas of a company. As well as the operating concept of the property, the overall service quality is a decisive criterion in the competition and thus key to the sustainable economic occupancy of the business.


The requirement for transparent and economic provision of services by the cost unit, the constantly increasing demands from the legislator and the authorities (e.g. expert standards for specialisation) and, last but not least, increasing customer expectations will require an increased level of quality improvement across all areas of the company in the future. This claim can only be met by well qualified, motivated in-house personnel who are available in sufficient quantities.


Quality management needs to be documented in a consistent management system which includes all the business processes within the company and the organisation as a whole. The aim is to ensure continuous improvement of the whole quality of processes and results within the company, constant and consistent monitoring of the efficiency of the service processes by means of suitable controlling instruments and continuous professional development of the employees to ensure social skills in handling the customers and patients.


Other crucial factors in success are:

  • a functioning controlling instrument to determine the quality of the service process (care risk controlling)
  • regular monitoring of customer satisfaction
  • a defined process for handling complaints (complaints management)
  • internal quality monitoring
  • a consistent improvement system (continuous improvement process)

Overview of our services:

We design and implement comprehensive, certification-compliant management systems which meet the above requirements in every respect.


We develop instruments for risk controlling (care risk controlling).


We support the introduction of systems to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of results (continuous improvement process).


We draw up customer satisfaction surveys and develop measures to improve satisfaction.


We optimise and support the professionalisation of the existing quality management system and audit structures and introduce performance indicators.

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