Challenges / Risks

The challenges:

  • Current over-capacities in inpatient facilities
  • Lack of specialist resources combined with high levels of fluctuation
  • Poor management methods and leadership tools
  • Need for investment and lack of financial resources for healthcare property
  • Capped budgets for cost centres and increasing personnel costs and overheads putting pressure on margins
  • Long-term increase in demand and increased requirements from patients in terms of property quality and specialisations
  • Linking inpatient elderly care with outpatient and acute medical healthcare formats and integration of government elderly care into the social structures of communes / cities.
  • Creation of support services for the 65+ generation.
  • Use of volunteers from this generation for this support
  • Removing the stigma from death as part of the life-cycle.


The risks:

Without pro-active action, analysis of the available empirical results on the economic development of the industry suggests that the continued existence of many companies is under threat.

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