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As a rule, residential and social sectors have been managed and handled separately Both the residential market and the social market have developed new ideas for their own sector in the past, but successful approaches across both markets are rare, especially as the consideration of competition prevails.


Only 5 % of the flats currently inhabited by the 65+ generation are fully accessible. 3/4 of all elderly households have steps and thresholds at the entrance to the property. 2/3 of all elderly households do not have accessible terraces. 30 % of apartments have too little room for manoeuvre in bathrooms or too narrow door frames. Only 15% of all elderly households have floor-level showers.


The facilities in the social sector - especially inpatient care - only meets customer requirements to a certain extent. The loss of independence as a result of giving up their own home in their normal social environment is seen as a particular problem. People and politics are moving towards integrated living concepts (e.g. quarters accommodation). 2/3 of those in inpatient care would prefer to stay in their own homes if suitable space and appropriate integrated living and service systems were available. Among the "Middle Agers", 30 % (1.2 million people) would prefer a service-supported living environment (e.g. sheltered accommodation). Only 10 % plan to move into a care home

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