Potential for success

Potential for success


Stronger integration of residential and social markets increases competitiveness and makes the business model more secure, as it supports the desire of the tenant/person requiring care to remain in their existing surrounding and the political framework conditions are also set to support this trend.

  • More restrictive regulations on the expansion of inpatient care,
  • Existing risks associated with securing funding for care in the long term,
  • Demand for integrated concepts for age-appropriate living.


The opportunity:


By linking the residential and social aspects and integrated non-generation-specific services and facilities, including possible different living formats available for different generations (quarters), the following becomes possible:

  • suitable living arrangements as an alternative to full inpatient care (time shift),
  • those in need of care can stay within their own four walls for longer,
  • reduction in personnel and costs required for care,
  • health and parental leave,use of existing property.

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