Network strategies

Development and implementation of strategies to allow optimum integration of residential services with a range of services from suitable social providers to ensure that the older people in need of care can be offered a complete service package, stay in their existing living environment and maintain social integration. This minimises the risk of empty stock in the property market and offers a better overall package against the competition.


Social providers offer services such as age-appropriate living, sheltered accommodation / serviced accommodation, elderly care homes, old people's homes/residential homes, facilities for temporary care, daycare and overnight care, outpatient care, medical care centres and social facilities.


These potential areas of activity are linked with the location-based property services on a demand-oriented basis (customer requirements) and taking the property market competition situation into consideration to produce an innovative, integrated service strategy.

Overview of our services:

  • For existing properties, the first step is a site analysis to survey and analyse the existing structure of social providers and the important infrastructure for older people within the catchment area around the relevant residential property.
  • The analysis of the social providers considers both public domain information on strategies, structure, process and results quality measurements and a survey/inspection of these organisations in order to obtain a meaningful overall image.
  • Key data such as market shares, funding, prices & property condition also needs to be investigated.
  • The overall assessment takes the form of a target/actual comparison between the actual data discovered and analysed on a local basis and the ideal scenario.
  • Taking into consideration opportunities and risks, the feasibility (structural/financial) and attractiveness of a target strategy operated/controlled on a broadly autonomous basis (partnership, capital investment) is evaluated.
  • This is then used to develop a specific design strategy which is negotiated and implemented in consultation with the client.

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