New living formats

The aim is to implement new, innovative strategies to allow the long-term integration of living, leisure and care (social service portfolios) in new residential market properties (living/care model, quarters strategy).


In order for this strategy to be a success, players in both the social and property sectors need to contribute their core skills (Network strategies).


These new strategies tackle key requirements from the catalogue of political requirements, e.g. quarters concepts (organised around small spaces, community-oriented) alongside the integration of concepts for young and old, infrastructure services (daycare centres, shopping) and thus provide the prerequisites for the development of social networks. Differentiated living, support and inpatient services are provided for the elderly (reliability of care) while at the same time they can maintain self-determination within their own four walls.


This building and service concept incorporates the following services at maximum:

  • living (residential property),
  • outpatient care (social services),
  • inpatient and partial inpatient care (social services and social property),
  • medical care (medical services),
  • self-help groups,
  • neighbourhood support,
  • citizen commitment,
  • cooperative models,
  • differentiated professional services / extended services (e.g. shopping) and
  • childcare options.


The implementation of the quarters system, as well as achieving socio-political objective, also optimises sustainability, as structural flexibility promotes staying longer in the area and therefore longer-term economic viability for investors.

Overview of our services:

  • Development of feasible and economically viable strategy components based on the maximum socio-political services required from a quarters system.
  • Development of the required technical building systems (with EXCOVATUS specialist partners).

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