New service areas

The aim of this service section is to develop and introduce new service areas and strategies for value-added services by ensuring the additional provision of social services for existing properties in the residential market.


This allows our customer to set itself apart from the competition and secure and extend its basic revenue on a sustainable basis.


Our range of services extends from drafting the concept and feasibility studies through to taking over responsibility for the project of implementing the selected target strategy.


An important element here is drafting the necessary supply contracts and developing the setup and workflow organisation to allow the successful marketing of the idea.

Overview of our services:

I. Development of target strategy

  • Recording the the infrastructure and organisational requirements and the competition situation as a basis for the selection of suitable additional services for the site.
  • Developing and defining a business model / target strategy incorporating the following areas, among others:
    • Determining the potential (people requiring care / number of beds)
    • Strategy to obtain the necessary personnel
    • Quality management strategy
    • Definition of marketing and sales strategy (including positioning, products / services and pricing)
    • Definition of organisational structure and major business processes
    • Testing / pre-selection of suitable software solutions (service and route planning, performance documentation, billing and finance)
  • Feasibility and economic viability analysis to validate the target strategy
    • Clarification of legal practicability (e.g. healthcare insurance companies, local laws) / factors influencing legally sound implementation
    • Representation of sustainable, achievable economic viability (inc. payment rates, personnel and equipment costs), investment required, finance options
    • Evaluation of services / performance of market players / competition analysis
    • Opportunity / Risk assessment of strategy for decision-makers


II. Implementation


  • Takeover of project responsibility for implementation of target strategy (pilot).

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